Thursday, June 30, 2011

Revision Complete

I know it's been a week since my surgery but I haven't felt like rehashing the experience. It was not pleasant. However, my stimulator was fixed and in the end that's all that matters. The battery pack had tipped forward which made it stop working. My surgeon made a new pouch, put the battery pack upright and stitched me back up. My Medtronics rep was out of town, so I did not know the rep who was there that day. Unfortunately he did not reprogram my stimulator after surgery, so I'm not getting any pain relief. Luckily tomorrow I have an appointment to get my stitches out and my rep is going to meet me there to fix the programming.

I'm sorry if I seem pessimistic. This has all just been so hard. I am beyond frustrated. My mom is trying to remind me that my headache will be gone soon, but it feels like forever away. At least my stomach looks way better than the last surgery, plus it doesn't hurt as much either. If all goes as planned I'll be able to go back to Nevada next week and start my life again, which is both scary and incredibly exciting.

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