Monday, April 16, 2012

Post Op

I apologize for being such a stranger around my own blog. It has been a rough recovery and even simple day-to-day routines are difficult for me. 

My surgery went well on March 10th, all things considered. My neurosurgeon did move the battery pack to my chest (yay!), and I guess there was an issue with the wires and had to pull them all out. That was a problem since the scar tissue had formed and acts basically like cement. So, he had to make several incisions along my neck and behind my ear to tear the wires out. The surgery was supposed to take 1.5 hours and it ended up taking 4. 

They kept me awake for most of the surgery, but I don't remember much. After the wheeled me into post-op I was able to see my mom and get some pain relief. I was supposed to be admitted to the hospital for 2 nights because I had 40+ stitches and my doctor was concerned about infection, but there was no bed for me and I was sent home that night. I didn't really want to leave, but since they weren't giving me adequate pain relief I was alright with going.

There was a real fight between me and my neurosurgeon about pain killers. They wanted to send me home with Norco but that wouldn't work since I'm been on Percocet for the headache pain. You can't go backwards after such a serious surgery. He finally gave in and send me home with a prescription for the same amount I've been taking. I was so confused, I thought he understood how much pain I was in and was willing to work with me. I mean, I'm having this surgery so I can get off these pills, so don't treat me like an addict.

Anyways, I haven't been writing because I am absolutely exhausted. I'm not sure why, but this surgery has completely drained me. Perhaps it's because it's my fourth brain surgery in ten months, or perhaps it's because they had to rewire everything, but I'm dragging. I'm five weeks post-op now and I am just beginning to feel normal again sans energy. Hopefully that will continue to improve with time.

 Four days post-op. Can hardly see the battery pack.

Two weeks post-op. The scab turned a funny color, but never became an issue.

Five weeks post-op. I am so happy with the placement.


  1. Wow no wonder you are tired! It sounds like you had a rough time. Hope you get some of that energy back soon!

  2. I hope your energy level continues to improve. You've been through so much - be gentle with yourself....