Saturday, May 7, 2011


Here are two pictures from my surgery yesterday. My surgeon did shave a lot of hair, but less than I was expecting.

Since my headaches were solely based in forehead, my doctor had to make a small incision along my hairline to thread the wire.


  1. Oh geez, that one by your forehead isn't bad at all. I don't know what I was expecting but it looks like he did his best to make it small.

  2. So if this is the trial, did he truly do the implant of the leads? some people are having the leads and wires put in all the way to where the battery would be, and the next operation just implants the battery. I had it done differently with a wire sticking out of my head with wires attached to a battery. After the trial it was a couple of snips of stitches and it was all pulled out. During the final implant surgery the wires and leads were permanently implanted and the wires were threaded down my back to the battery.

    Sure hope it continues to help!!!

  3. Yeah, my surgeon told me during my pre-op he only needed to do a small puncture near my hairline and the majority of my stitches would be behind my ear. That made me feel more comfortable.

    The leads are fully implanted in my head, and they come out my upper back. Unlike other stories I have heard, my doctor said that it's easier to do the trial, and then if it works, do the full implantation a week later instead of pulling all the wires out and trying to put them back in the right place. I appreciate that. And he has found more success putting the battery in the abdomen instead of the chest area. While I wasn't that concerned with scars, I would rather avoid them.

    Thanks for all the support!