Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More pictures

Here are some pictures of my stomach where they put the battery pack in. Really not pretty right now, but I will continue to take pictures to show how it's healing.

My stomach is very swollen. I'm not sure how much of that is the battery and how much is just from the surgery. Time will tell...
 Please ignore the stretch marks...I gained some weight while dealing with migraines.


  1. Hello! I am currently undergoing a nerve stim trial, though not for migraines. I have an autoimmune disease called Scleroderma. It causes ulcers that don't heal because it also causes very poor circulation. I am having the trial done on my hands. I am three days in and unsure if this is going to work for me, I'm not seeing help with pain but it can also help increase circulation. I go have my leads pulled on Friday. I so hope this works well for you! Best of luck!

  2. How did the rest of your trial go? Did you decide to have the permanent implant done? It's a tough decision, but it's worth it if you find pain relief! Good luck to you too!!