Monday, December 24, 2012

Scandal Breaks

I have been sick since October. What started out as the flu has morphed and left me ill for weeks. It reminds me I am still frail and recovering from surgery.

It was a usual Saturday when my mom called me, frantic. Have you heard? UC Davis neurosurgery department is being investigated for unregulated practices. Killed at least 3 people. At the heart of the storm is my old neurosurgeon, Dr. J. Paul Muizelaar. Apparently, Dr. Muizelaar, along with another neurosurgeon, tried "treating" brain cancer patients by drilling a whole in their skull and infecting them with bacteria. The story is much more complicated, but really disturbing, and unnecessary to retell.

Technically, my current neurosurgeon is not involved in this scandal, but I find it really hard to believe. He's head of the department, how could he not know about the unauthorized practices? The reports that I have read say anyone who had a surgery in the last 2 years was a risk (that's me!). I'm thankful that nothing bad happened to me, but it certainly calls into question if I should be trusting these doctors. I can honestly say I've been shaken to the core. I knew the doctor who did these atrocious acts, I have spent hours with him. I researched him, I checked if he had malpractice lawsuits (I only found one, but it turns out he's had dozens, and over 200 patient complaints), and I did not see this coming.

I still need a revision. I can't find a new doctor. I've called several doctors in Sacramento and not a one will touch me. I've also contacted dozens of doctors in San Francisco and no one will return my calls. My Medtronics rep is, unfortunately, useless. After months of silence, I have given up on him completely. It feels lonely to be in this sea of unknown with no guide. My hope is the new year will bring me a competent doctor who is willing to give me a shot.

As for UC Davis, well, time will tell how much they pay for their misdeeds. Part of me hopes they lose their accreditation. How could they offer "good care" if they are letting their doctors get away with such disgusting research? I sure wish my neurosurgeon had told me he couldn't handle my case; it would have saved me a year of pain and so many tears. If you're interested in this debacle, here are a few articles:

I wish everyone happy holidays and good health!

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  1. Ihad a horreble situation with the SCULL AND BASE INSTETUTION.
    Went for occipital neyralgia ,but was operated for triggermal neuralgia ,got a STAFF AURIOS INFECTION,wich ook a year in and out hopitals .
    Imade it clear NO triggerma neuralgia surgery because that is what they specialice in .

    Finally DR. BERGSCHNIDER NEURODURGEN FROM U C L A ,operated me ,cleaned out the mess from base andscull inst,Iam lucky to be alive ,yet after all this doing a false surgery wich U C L A could proof ,this practise is growing .SAD BUT TRUE.